Technology Parameters

Oil & Gas industry is data driven. The industry depends on IT to increase the speed of finding oil, enhance oil production, and reduce health, safety risks. Big Data & Analytic advantages could help oil and gas companies improve production by 6% to 8%.— Bain & Co.

companies are turning to mobile-based solutions for on-demand intelligence, improved information flow and increased productivity. Valero Energy’s annual savings of $120M through dashboards on a mobile platform example speaks for itself. By 2015, $8 billion will be spent on oil and gas mobile apps - Oil and Gas IQ -

According to ABI recent research, Cyber attacks against oil and gas infrastructure will cost companies $1.87 billion by 2018. The technology supply chain will increase the need for cyber risk management,
IT security will remain the CIO's top concern

Data volumes collected by O&G companies grow by 30% / Year . Objection to cloud solutions is fading away with 55% of the ME region’s O&G companies expected to implement a private cloud by the end of 2016 (compared to only 30% now). while 50 % of the region’s O&G companies will have public cloud solution by 2016 (compared to only 15% now)- IDC.
   The distributed nature of the industry with operations located in different environment is a challenge, innovative communication technologies like unified communications, visualization real time data wireless ,M2M, RFID are opening windows for efficiency and productivity

Digital Oil Field technologies could increase the net present value of oil and gas assets by 25%. A digital oilfield can also minimize the impact of the lack of qualified skilled labor; the labor gap could reach 1 million by 2015—Booz & Co. McKinsey report describes how “one major oil company” was able “to cut operating and staffing costs by 10 to 25 % while increasing production by 5%


Strategy Parameters


Digital Transformation
The Digital Disruption brought about by the development of digital technologies is reshaping the nature of every business . The Oil, Gas & Industrial sector is no exception. In light of challenges such as declining production rates, a retiring workforce and cost control of remote projects, the industry is racing to leverage the concepts of digital business .The convergence of data, people, cloud, analytics & machines enable smarter decision, and optimize collaboration and productivity. On the other hand it is transforming the industry’s business model. This raised the need for a " Digital Strategy' to transform and reinvent the organization to take the full advantage of the digital technology

Oil, Gas & Industrial sectors is shifting towards ICT innovations to meet their business challenges, optimize workflows, reduce operational costs and gain competitive advantage. with 3rd Platform technologies gaining significant interest among large oil companies such as Big Data, Mobility, cloud computing, virtualization, collaboration and visualization technology to name a few are considered game changers. the question is how to integrate ICT to innovate

IT / Business Strategy Alignment
In this data-saturated age, it is fundamental that Business strategies align with IT strategies. Empowering talent to make the right decisions in a data inundated world, strongly aligning the strategic vision with the capabilities and resources required for implementation, and maintaining a focus on efficiency whilst prioritizing value creation are all key factors. Businesses can leverage cutting edge IT technologies to radically improve flexibility, adaptability and efficiency allowing rapid responses to new market and revenue opportunities.


Cyber Risk
According to ABI recent research, Cyber attacks against oil and gas infrastructure will cost companies $1.87 billion by 2018, IT security will remain the CIO's top concern. The technology supply chain will increase the need for cyber risk management. Booz Allen Hamilton report reveals that cyber risk management is one of the largest issues gas and oil companies face.